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Considering Cat Litter For Your Maine Coon

When choosing a cat there are many considerations to make, such as the type of cat breed your are drawn to, from which reputable cat breeder you’ll choose to purchase your kitten, from the amendments to your home that you will need to ensure so that your cat’s domestic living space is safe, from the specific dietary requirement that you are going to make so that your cat will lead a wholesome and healthy life,  and so on. For many, cat litter and associated cat litter solutions are not an immediate consideration.

Cat Litter Matters

However, living with your cat on a day to day basis quickly raises the importance of cat litter, especially if you have chosen a Maine Coon. Cat litter smells, creates dust and noise. The cat litter box can be unsightly and often takes up inconvenient space.

Cat litter issues over time grow the importance of this subject. It is my aim to throw light at neglected subject, so you don’t have to.

The Problems With Cats and Litter

There are many types of cat litter, cat litter boxes and cat litter solutions. These solutions will be entirely dependent to your living situation. Every situation will be different and every solution will be bespoke.

For example is there a dog in the house, are there children in the household, is the home open space, etc.

Understanding your problem is the first step to resolving the problem.

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Example 1: Open Living Space

I have experienced this very problem. I was living in an apartment which I had recently refurbished into an open plan living space. i had the cat litter box in the utility space just beyond where the kitchen was. Smells would waft through the apartments from the kitchen to the living room area. Scratching and excavation sounds would bounce around the room. There was no escape from the litter.

The solution was a nice little product called Litter Kwitter. Litter Kwitter is a toilet training solution. The program takes about 6 weeks. You will need patience if you only have one toilet but this truly resolves the litter issue in an open space apartment. Your cat will go to your toilet and the smells and the noises and the cleaning disappear.

litter kwitter

Example 2: Family Life Cat Litter

When raising a family your time is precious. You don’t have time to continually clean or scoop a litter box.

What you need is a closed litter box with an entrance flap. You also need a large metal scooper and a fine perfumed super agglomerate litter.

The perfume of the litter sand will mask pungent smells. All the effort is taken away and you can get on with taking the kids to school.

The large metal scoop will allow the fine grains to effortlessly flow through the scoop and you can quickly bin the debris.

Example 3: Litter Everywhere

Have you ever come down the stairs and felt like you are walking on gravel? Is your house forming a fine patine of dandruff? Are you finding that you are hoovering night and day to try contain and control cat litter.

You are not alone. Cat litter gets everywhere. The solution is actually quite simple. Place a little rug or piece of carpet at the entrance of the litter box. The rug fibers stop the cat litter particles from travelling around your home. Try it, it works!