Maine Coon on Induction hob

Cooking hobs, hot cooking surfaces and your Maine Coon

I may have previously mentioned that Maine Coons are inquisitive animals. They are prone to leaping first and asking questions later.

This is true for hot cooking surfaces. Obviously your cat will learn if a cooking surface is hot or not. The first few experiences can be worrying and may cause mayhem in the kitchen.

Strangely there is a solution. This solution would only really be relevant if you are having a new kitchen installed. You can invest in an Induction cooking hob. They are fantastic. Not only do they cook food very quickly and evenly but they have another interesting feature. The cooking surface does not become hot. You can literally put your hand on the cooking surface after a boiling pan of water has been cooking.

Piano cottura a induzione

An induction system creates electrical current that arcs through above the magnets. This means that the current cooks the food, not the heat of the system.

This is a must have item if you are serious about cats, and also cooking!