Ruffians Maine Coons

My name is Marinela and I manage a small amateur cattery for Maine Coon cats located in Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Our Maine Coon cats grow-up in the shadow of the stunning dolomitis as seen from the bountiful Prosecco plains of Friuli.

I am truly committed to breeding these delightful felines, both emotionally and ethically. I take a responsible approach to my breeding program. Through careful selection and care I strive to enhance the desired optimum Maine Coon type.

Official competition (organised by FIFe and ANFI) is an important part of my breeding program. Competing in international cat shows is a driving stimulus behind improved selective breeding. I compete with the very best of Maine Coon cats that europe has to offer.

Without exception a large body of expert opinion helps with my overall selection process. I participate regularly at cat shows where the fruit of my labour is evidenced for all to see. If you would like information about any cat show I am attending please contact me.

I love breeding these gentle and wonderful Maine Coons, but above all I believe that if you do things with love, dedication and passion the results are seen.

Maine Coon Breeder