Can You Use A Lead With A Maine Coon Cat?

That is right, you can take your Maine coons on a lead outside to enjoy and discover the world together. Admittedly the experience is somewhat different than taking a dog for a walk. There are right and wrong ways to go about taking your Maine coon out with you on a lead.

Indeed there may be some people slightly confused or surprised as to the reasons as to why you might want to attach a lead to your cat. Here are some of my reasons for doing so and some tips and advice on how to accomplish a tranquil and pleasant passage with your Maine Coon.

Time with friends and family

My personal motives are principally found in the fact that i love spending time with my Maine Coons. I love spending time outside, relaxing and shopping with friends, my partner and family.

Taking your Maine coon out with you on a lead is a truly unique experience. Without a doubt you and your Maine coon on first impact become a focal point for conversation. After a while your cat conquests the hearts and emotions of direct and indirect company.

Confident cats are essential

I can only speak of the Maine Coons I have taken out and about with me. A confident and happy cat will soak in the atmosphere around them. The will reason events that occur around them as you might find in a busy shop, bar or open space coffee bar. My cats are relaxed and take all events with a zen like attitude. Cats that don’t carry this trait are better left at home.

Never take risks. A few trial runs are important. Start taking time at home in the garden with your cat on lead. If each step goes well progress your program to public spaces.

Always have a cat box with you so that you can quickly and easily place your cat in a safe and secure zone. Normally I have at least one box in my car at all times.

Dogs and owners

Dogs you would think may cause issues whilst cruising around social and pedestrian zones. To date I have only had positive experiences with dogs. Dogs are territorial, but when a dog is taking a walk with their owner the are not in defense mode. Instead they are in inquisitive mode. A Maine Coon is large and has a certain presence. A large Maine Coon that is also aloof to the presence of dogs can only confound a dog’s sensibilities and accentuates inquisitiveness rather than aggression.

Remember that it is the owner of both dog and cat to transmit sureness and security to their animals. Awareness and control are vital qualities which can be used to reduce risky situations.

Holidays and long trips

Starting your Maine coon on a lead early in life helps your cat get used to new and strange situations. Longer car, plane and train trips are made so much more interesting and relaxing if your cat can exit the cat carrier and chill out with you.