Ruffians Results from theFelix Cat Show In Rovigo 12- 13 January 2019

What a delightful weekend. This is a special event that went beyond the cat show. The evening party was just as fun as the actual event.

First of all, I would like to thank Corinna Polin for putting together this wonderful show. The actual Expo was situated in Rovigo and attracted competitors from all over Europe. This was a specialist Maine Coon show which was demonstrated in large numbers. The competition was strong and it was my pleasure to have taken my part.

The weekend went by in a flurry. As ever it was wonderful to having talked with so many new faces and to long standing friends.

Day 1

The 1st day of the event at the Felix Cat Show went surprisingly well. I brought with me Ruffians Demi Moore (11 months females) and Ruffians Diell (7 months female).  Really the competition was of a very high standard and the judges accurately described our Maine Coon cats. Their judgement has indicated that our selection process has been heading in the correct direction. Our Maine Coons are achieving a very high standard especially in the light of such strong participation.

Maine CoonRisultati
Ruffians Demi MooreEccellente 1 (EX1) CAC
Ruffians Diell
Eccellente 1 (EX1) e Nomination per Best In Show

Day 2

The 2nd day of the event at the the Felix Cat Show was a cementing of the first day. We were joined by Ruffians Delta (7 months female) and Ruffians Domino (7 months male). The judges appraised our Maine Coons in detail and with a praise that made my heart warm. The day passed with a flurry of excitement and emotion, giving way to a deep sense of contentment that remains with me as I write these words.

Maine CoonRisultati
Ruffians Demi MooreEccellente 1 (EX1) CAC
Ruffians DiellEccellente 1 (EX1) e Nomination per Best In Show
Ruffians DominoEccellente 1 (EX1) e Best In Variety (BIV)
Ruffians DeltaEccellente 2 (EX2)