Food For Maine Coons

What kind of food should I feed my Maine Coon?

I quite regularly get asked all sort of questions concerning Maine Coon diets. As per usual I am going to try to stick to the basics. This article should give absolute novice Maine Coon owners a good grounding on diet advice. So to cut the the chase these are the absolute minimum requirements.

The key points.

  1. Cats should always have biscuits available throughout the day. The biscuits should have a high protein content without cereal. Most cats regulate the amount they eat.
  2. Cats should always have fresh water available to drink. Water should be changed once per day.
  3. You should feed your Maine Coon at least 100g of meat in the morning and 100g of meat in the evening.
  4. Drinking and feeding bowls should be changed regularly.

What goes into cat biscuits?

The very first thing you should be aware of is that your cat is a carnivore. They eat meat and meat derivatives as a large part of their diet… but not exclusively.

You will find that some cats like spaghetti, olives or perhaps some other food type. Like habitats cats also like to explore and sample many different tastes. Obviously you will find that they only ever ‘sample’ out of curiosity.

In nature a cat will make a kill. The cat will remove the fur of the rodent and then start to consume the torso, leaving the stomach, head and feet. Whilst eating their prey the cat will inadvertently consume small elements of grass, perhaps seeds that have fallen to the ground, and other small amounts of organic matter.

Most well composed cat food products will be composed of representational food stuffs.

Choosing Cat Biscuits

Choosing biscuits is an important excercise. Not all biscuits are equal or good for your cat. In Europe there is regulation. Read the table below and make sure that you choose cat biscuits that are suitable for a ‘Complete’ diet. The regulation states the following:

Food Label SignificanceDescriptionEU Directive
Complete feedCompound feed which, by reason of its composition, is sufficient for a daily ration.R. 767/2009, Art. 3.2 (i)
Complementary feedCompound feed which has a high content of certain substances but which, by reason of its composition, is sufficient for a daily ration only if used in combination with other feed.R. 767/2009, Art. 3.2 (j)
cat range pack natural trainer

Nova Foods ~ Trainer

Natural Trainer offers a range of products tailored to your cat’s age thanks to its unique combination of functional ingredients and fresh meat as the main ingredient.

farmina N&D

Farmina N&D

Most pet food companies use legumes as a source of protein, but Farmina doesn’t… Since this is a grain-free recipe, kitties with sensitivities can also safely consume it.

Raw Meat

Some cat owners like to feed their cats raw meat.

We are not advocates of this. Cooked meats break down nutrients which make them easier to digest. Cooking meat also kills parasites.

For the possible benefits a raw food diet might provide, in my opinion, these are outweighed by the negative aspects. So why risk endangering the health of your cat?

For more information click here:

Processed meat

If you are going to feed your cat canned meats then these should be served at room temperature.

I think that this type of food should you should be serving in addition as a supplement to cat biscuits.

Wet foods are good to use when your cat is not feeling well. There are specific food types for urinary problems and for stomach upsets. If you have any questions click here: