Hairy Maine Coon

Hair everywhere two periods per year

There is no getting away from it. Your Maine Coon is hairy. He is a semi long haired cat. His fur is meant to be dense and full. This means hair everywhere especially during winter and extra especially during spring when your Maine Coon will moult.

Your friends and family will probably start noticing the odd cat hair stuck to your clothing.

There is no easy solution other than trying to manage the situation as best you can. You will need to vacuum the hair frequently. You can also try washing your cat to help the moulting process (I will cover this dangerous sport in a future article).

Cat hair is fine and in it’s nature it likes to adhere to everything. In particular it likes to stay adhered to whatever it comes into contact with. So unless you are planning to wear a lot of leather you will probably want to purchase some IKEA lint rollers.

Rotolo levapeli

TOP TIP ~ If you are stuck without a Lint Roller then a rubber glove works just as well.