Great success for Maine Coon at the Granfiume event in Pordenone, Pet Friendly Show 2019

This weekend we participated in the Pet Friendly show hosted at Granfiume in Fiume Veneto. It is always a pleasure taking our Maine Coons to shows in and around Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is an even greater reward to show our Maine Coons in Pordenone.

During the weekend there were throngs of people enjoying both dogs and cats brought to the event. We were humbled by how many of our clients, followers and friends were able to make the journey and attend the event. We thank you all.

Ruffians Colosso ~ Maine Coon

We brought Ruffians Colosso to the show with us. He was quite the gentleman. He chose to place himself in full view for all to see and lapped up the attention for the entire weekend. This Maine Coon is quite the personality.

Colosso is a big Maine Coon and he creates a strong initial impact when you first see him. This was enscribed in all the children’s expressions that peered towards this magnificent cat. Then once courage gained the second pleasure was seeing fear melt away when they realised that Colosso was just a big softy who loves being petted!

We love you Colosso!

Maine Coon cats conquer the heart of the people of Pordenone.

This kind of event clearly demonstrates a strong current of cat fanciers in the area. It is always a joy talking with people about Maine Coons and being able to share cat experiences with the larger community.

It is evident the love of cats is deep rooted in the community of Pordenone. During the event we met some very well informed people.

There seems to be a distinct upward trend in both the recognition and desire for Maine Coons within the Pordenone cat community. We are truly grateful to participate in events like this and to meet local people who share similar passions for cats.

In conclusion, we thoroughly enjoyed the event and hope to see you there next year!

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