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When choosing a cat there are many considerations to make, such as the type of cat breed your are drawn to, from which reputable cat breeder you’ll choose to purchase your kitten, from the amendments to your home that you will need to ensure so that your cat’s domestic living space is safe, from the specific dietary requirement that you are going to make so that your cat will lead a wholesome and healthy life,  and so on. For many, cat litter and associated cat litter solutions are not an immediate consideration.

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That is right, you can take your Maine coons on a lead outside to enjoy and discover the world together. Admittedly the experience is somewhat different than taking a dog for a walk. There are right and wrong ways to go about taking your Maine coon out with you on a lead.

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We perceive colours visually in the most part. We discern patterns the same way. However, each colour and cat pattern carries a genetic label. The labels don’t always correspond with what we see.

Fever coat is a condition whereby a kitten is born with a grey or silver coat which changes colour after a couple of weeks.