Cats in Art

My humble interpretation of cats and art

I do not pretend to be an art critic or to be a connoisseur of good taste. I leave that to the experts. All I have on my side is a passion and love of felines. A strong relationship between cats and humans has been captured in art demonstrating that cats play an important role in some of our lives. Surely this bond was initially formed thousands of years earlier through a slow integration of symbiotic benefits. I suppose it is possible that they helped remove infections rodents or removing meat debris from eating spaces? Who really knows? That question is one for history and historians.

In the present I think the relationship between owner and cat has grown and developed into something more sublime. Speaking personally, I have a strong emotional bond to my cats. It is no exaggeration to say that I believe I am able to sometimes interpret their sentiments through distinctive meows and chirping and general movements. I am confident that the relationships I form with my cats are mainly one sided, however, just very occasionally, a cat will go out of their way to have a cuddle and to have contact with me. These are those special moments when I feel complete. This probably says more about me that my cats!

It is not difficult to quantify the benefits I receive from my little treasures. At the end of a working day I find my most tranquil and leveling moments sitting around and enjoying being with my cats. They help me press the ‘reset button’ and trigger a renewed motivation and drive within. So it may be credible to assume that felines provide me with low cost psychological therapy services, really and truly. I cannot imagine a life without my cats.

In history this feline bond has been depicted and preserved in art, outliving the owners and the cats, transcending and leaping through time.

Some artists that have painted cats, which I quite like…

This is not a history of cats in art. In this article I am merely listing art that for my taste has achieved a sympathetic rendering of the cats which I can relate to. I am not an art critic, I just like what I like and hopefully you might like something too?

The only question is, have these cats transcended time for you?

It seems I am not the only person who loves cats…

The real beauty of cats comes from their versatility. Whether you are rich or poor if they choose you, you will be theirs forever. This is cat magic in action.

Listed below are some photos of cats that have chosen interesting owners…