World Cat Show In Trieste 2017

Ruffians at Trieste Cat Show 9-10 December 2017

We will be participating in the Trieste Cat Show on 9-10 December 2017.

We have decided to register a few of our cats in the show. So if you are in the area of Trieste then this is a good occasion to come and meet with us. You will also get to see and handle our cats. We will be brining Wistariantale Mars, Ruffians Coca-Cola, Crazydream Conan, Ruffians Cleopatra & Ruffians Cocco Bello.

In the morning of the event I normally prepare the cats for adjudication. In the afternoon things have normally calmed down and I will be able to properly dedicate my attention to talking about cats! So come and say hello 😉

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Location of event

Via Flavia di Stramare, 119
34015 Aquilinia-Stramare TS