It IS INCLUSIVELY ATTRIBUTED BY EXCLUSIVE BY THE ALLEVATOR. The Buyer expressly and without reservation accepts the evaluation of the breeder by having exactly understood the meaning.

The cat is ceded with the following features:


The sale value for the cat with the specified quality is € 900

The cat will not be engaged in reproduction, and will have to be sterilized by the buyer. The effectiveness of this contract is therefore expressly conditioned by the sterilization of the subject that must be performed before and not more than 10 months of the kitten’s life and is proved by a special veterinary certificate. After that the transfer is intended and the ANFI documents will be delivered.


Art. 1) The cat is given to the new owner in good health, free of parasites and infectious, genetic or heritable illnesses manifest at delivery and accompanied by the health booklet with the vaccinations carried out.

Art. 2) In the case of a kitten’s death within one year of age due to genetic diseases of the HCM type (certified by the necroscopic examination performed by the competent veterinarian), the breeder undertakes to replace it with a new kitten of equal value.

If, however, after delivery, the kitten becomes ill for any type of illness other than those of genetic or hereditary nature, no claim for compensation, indemnification or reimbursement can be made against the Leasurer in any way, either in whole or in part, be in no case required to replace the kitten.

Art. 3) The cat is delivered to the buyer only at the time of the actual price balance contracted by the contractor and the subscription of this contract is valid as a waiver of the payment. It should be noted that breeding is kept at the amateur level and the sums received only partially cover the costs arising from this activity and therefore are intended as a partial reimbursement of expenses and costs incurred by the Citing Shipowner from the time of conception to the whole period of weaning until the time of delivery.

Art. 4)The new owner is obliged to:

  • to ensure the proper life, correct nutrition of the cat, to preserve its health by subjecting it to regular veterinary checks, annual vaccinations and protecting it from any dangers;
  • do not sell it, or deliver it to third parties without the written permission of the breeder;
  • Do not give it to animal shops or labs and do not abandon it;
  • Do not keep it in the cage or practice it on the onyectomy;
  • sterilize it within 10 months of age: the transfer of ownership will be registered by the breeder only after receiving the veterinarian’s certification of sterilization. The pedigree will be sent by post

In the event of a breach, even PARTIALLY, of the provisions of this article, the Breeder reserves the right to resume the cat without any compensation or refusal of costs / expenses for the Owner;

  • It is also advisable not to leave it free from home. For any external exits (example in the garden), it is recommended to use a leash or a toe or fully enclosed areas, where the cat can not escape or contact the outside feline population in any way to protect its health from serious illnesses for which there is no vaccine and why such born and bred subjects do not have any knowledge of external dangers.

Art. 5) From the time of delivery of the cat to the new Buyer, any veterinary expense is to be borne by the latter.

Art. 6) For any dispute or dispute that arises, the Parties declare that they are committed, even through the mediation of the National Association, to conciliate by finding a good solution. By default they declare that they expressly accept Pordenone’s jurisdiction as competent court.