maine coon al guinzaglio

That is right, you can take your Maine coons on a lead outside to enjoy and discover the world together. Admittedly the experience is somewhat different than taking a dog for a walk. There are right and wrong ways to go about taking your Maine coon out with you on a lead.

Maine Coon Felix Coon Delta Machine

We perceive colours visually in the most part. We discern patterns the same way. However, each colour and cat pattern carries a genetic label. The labels don’t always correspond with what we see.

Fever coat is a condition whereby a kitten is born with a grey or silver coat which changes colour after a couple of weeks.

Cats in Art

This is not a history of cats in art. In this article I am merely listing art that for my taste has achieved a sympathetic rendering of the cats which I can relate to. I am not an art critic, I just like what I like and hopefully you might like something too?

World Cats Show in Genoa 2018

Read the results of Ruffians Maine Coons who participated in the Cat Show in Genoa on 3-4 February 2018.

Ruffians Maine Coons

The 14th of February is nearly here, and it’s time to start preparing for a wonderful Saint Valentines Day to be enjoyed with your special Maine Coon.