Cat Pension In Pordenone

information on our cat pension service in Pordenone

We offer a small and friendly cat pension service in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia. We mainly offer this service for our clients. We offer a warm home from home where your cat lives with us whilst you take a short break or trip away.

We have very limited spaces so please book early. There is enough space for a maximum of three cats.

Your cat should be brought in a solid animal carrier.

how we take care of your cat

Where will my cat live whilst is is with Ruffians Maine Coons? Your cat will stay with our family, in a clean and homely environment. Not only will we look after your loved little kitty with daily fresh cat biscuits (currently we are using Trainer & Farmina N&D), fresh water and regularly cleaned litter. Your cat will also be entertained, cuddled and loved as a member of the family in our home (not in an cage or be stuffed into small space). Rest assured that your cat will not have contact with other cats.

In the unlikely event that your cat takes ill while staying with us, we will not hesitate to call your vet. We will contact you to keep you informed of all developments. The owner is responsible to pay for the costs of any veterinary services required while their cat is boarded at Ruffians Maine Coons.

which documents are required?

We require your vetinary card so that we can confirm that your cat’s vaccines are up-to-date. There is also a terms and conditions which requires completion.

Your adult cat must be vaccinated against:

  1. cat parvovirus FPV
  2. cat flu, FCV + FHV
  3. leucosis FeLV